Montys of Kathmandu Wine Makers Dinner Wine Evenings.

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I love food and wine pairings and I love to eat and drink, so, what better way to do both. The challenge is to convince people that Spicy food and wine is a good match, and this gives us in Montys of Kathmandu opportunity to do so.

So far, we have had three such events, and they have all proven to be a massive hit.

Our first challenge was to match exceptional wines from Marques de Caceres. We had 5 course meal with 7 wines. Wow, right! We paired each of the dish with a wine that would complement both the food and wine. The wines were: an Albarino, Rose, crianza, rioja reserva, rioja gran reserva and Gadium and finally, Satinela. Most of which are available in the restaurant.

The highlight of the evening was their flagship wine ‘Gadium’, a wine to savour.


Our second challenge was from the very famous wine house from Italy, Pio Cesare. Again we had 5 course stunning Nepalese food with 5 excellently crafted wines. The highlight being their Barolo.


Our third and last one, at the time of writing this, was the wines from the house Fantinel. The usual recipe applied to this as well and highlight from this evening was the Roncai. Ill tell more about this wine, when you come to the restaurant. A bitter sweet tale.



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Keep an eye for your name if you have entered into our draw.