Papads with home made chutney


Selection of Montys favourite served individual platter:

Tareko Sabji – deep fried mixed vegetables

Masu ko Bari – barbecued minced lamb served in tomato based sauce

Khukura ko chuso masu – barbecued chicken wings

Aloo Kerau Chat Pat – Spiced potatoes with peas, chillies, and chat masala


Momo with Achar

Trsaditional dumplings (chicken or veg) served with barbecued tomato chutney


Selection of mains served banquet style:

Lamb ledo bedo – taditional lamb curry

Chicken sashlick – barbecued chicken with tomato, peppers and onions served in sizzler

King prawn bhutuwa – Tiger prawns with onions, peppers, tomato, scallion, coriander, ginger.

Mis mas Tarkari – mixed vegetables

Jhaneko Dhal – lentils





Choice of ice cream or a Nepali desert



2 Course €35.00 per person

3 Course €40.00 per person

4 Course €45.00 per person


A 12.5% service is added to party of 6 or more, all of which is given to the staff.