Montys and its Nepalese Cuisine

One of the most frequently asked question in Montys of Kathmandu by patrons who are taking their first journey into Nepalese food is ‘what is the difference between Indian and Nepalese?’ Well, I will try to summarise here, if you disagree with my point of view, feel free to blog me.

Nepalese food is as diverse as its land, people, it is difficult to pin point to one item. Our cuisine is influenced by our two great neighbouring countries in China and India and more recently the influence of Western food cannot go unnoticed.

Nepalese food can however, be characterized by its simplicity, lightness and healthfulness. These three element we strive very hard in Montys of Kathmandu to live by and prepare our Menu accordingly.

I have never been a fan of food, when comes to the table, even before you have had to taste, you are put off by its appearance – bathed in oil and just plain unappetizing.  We at Montys, staying true to our culture, where possible, use only the freshest local ingridients, minimal fat and blend all the spices and herbs in-house. We make all the sauces, pickles, yoghurt, paneer in house. We don’t use any third party sauces.

Even though every region has its own speciality of dishes, the most common meal is Dal, Bhat and Tarkari, boiled rice, lentils and vegetables. Meat is only eaten during special occasion as it is so expensive. This is our Bacon and Cabbage.!

Another of most popular dish is Momos, originating from Tibet and brought into Nepal by the Tibetans themselves who have settled in Nepal and also traders from Kathmandu returning from business in Tibet. Tibetan momos tend to be bland in flavour but our Nepalese momos are full of flavour and its one of the most requested dish in our menu. No Nepalese restaurant can be without momos in their menu.

At Montys, we have other mouth watering dishes which just simply need to be sampled, come in an dtry them all.

By the way, my answer to those customers who are looking for the difference between Nepalese and Indian “sample the food and you will find out yourselves” Their response is always the same, ‘its tastier, fresher, subtle in flavour, and clean”

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